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With Tami Teel Designs, you can take back your time, take the day off and take advantage of discounted goods and products while our design team tackles your project for you.

Why Invest in Design?

Interior design is personal and reflects the sum total of our experiences.

With home values now on the rise throughout our country, it is a great time to invest in design. Purchasing a home is often one of the largest investments you will make; why not take the correct steps to ensure that you’re keeping your investment strong? Below Zillow, the real estate website, lists three of the most common reasons homeowners invest in interior design.

  1. Time: We’re busy as homeowners. Going to work, raising children, and tackling other projects around the house all play into keeping us occupied every day. A designer can turn a project in less than half the time it would take the owner.
  2. Creativity: When some of the major burdens of a project are taken off your hands, you’re able to let your vision of how you want your home to feel and get the most out of your design project. As opposed to worrying about picking up resources and samples, you can focus on making decisions on color and material instead of spinning your wheels and wasting valuable time and energy.
  3. Investment: Most professional home stagers find that a well-designed property moves significantly quicker than an empty home. In our current market where buyers might have several options, it is important to give them a reason to jump at yours when they see it. Professionals find that most homes that are well designed and staged sell within a single month!See the chart below to note that home values are on their way up in our area. Get your next project started today by reaching out to us for a consultation.