Hello, I’m Tami.

When I was three years old, I would re-stage my bedroom moving toys and furnishings. At the doctor’s office, I would straighten magazines, move a plant from one corner to another and “advise” the receptionist that she had too many magazines on display.

Interior design is who I am; it always has been in me. This isn’t just my career. It’s my passion and a way of life.

I was born in Northern California and I often use the outdoors to inspire design. I am a regular contributor to HGTV programs, including House Crashers and Yard Crashers.

I invest in my passion by attending design shows, meeting with manufactures and consuming the latest options and trends online. I am a member of Distinctive Designs and National Kitchen and Bath Association. I love to create inviting, innovative spaces while dispelling myths that are associated with interior design. With many years of experience, clients trust me to save them time and money, all while creating a design that is….well…kick ass.


Hello, I’m Amber.

My passion for art and design began in fashion. Experimenting with textures, colors and silhouettes polished my natural instinct for transforming a blank canvas. Now, I bring my love of fashion into interior design; a space can be dressed to impress and express.

I love art. And I love to create art. I specialize in watercolor, acrylic and pencil/graphite art. In fact, here’s some trivia: two of my paintings were featured on HGTV’s House Crashers. I have always been intrigued by the way texture, color and prints come together to please the eye and change the vibe.

When I am not working at the design studio or with clients, I am a personal stylist. I l have always loved dressing myself according to my mood and keeping up on the current trends.

Tami and I met years ago when I mentioned Tami’s daughter-in-law, that I had always been interested in design. That led to an internship with Tami, which has landed me my dream job! We have complementary personalities and we couldn’t work any better together!

Tami & Amber

We never stop learning and seeking inspiration. We invest in our time in trade shows, meeting with new vendors and collaborating with businesses and artists to provide client’s with design that is one step ahead.